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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise many aspects of how we live and work, including many opportunities in project management.

In this session we will discuss what these may be and how far AI can go in shaping what project management what will look like in the future.

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How do you build maturity in your PMO and go from multiple sources of information to one point of truth? And how do you ensure that the tool you use to do so can grow with your processes?

This session will detail how Skanska UK, part of one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups, has grown from Excel spreadsheets and ad-hoc governance to an industry standard Project Delivery Framework fully supported by the  Antura Projects PPM tool.

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Doug Sorrell is now in his 28th year as a Governance and Process Consultant and has helped a number of companies  (BT, Cable & Wireless, Skanska UK, Viatel, Netcom, Uniworld and others) to understand what “good” looks like; He helps organisations both large and small grow to a level of maturity that exceeds their market sector markers.  Doug has spent the last 15 months taking Skanksa IT through a journey of understanding, awareness, creation and application of an end to end Project Delivery Governance model with Antura Projects being a major part of the departmental growth and is currently acting Head of PMO.

At this ‘Pulse of the Profession®’ presentation, you will learn what PMI’s latest research reveals in project and program results. For the first time in five years, more projects are meeting original goals and business intent and being completed within budget. While this progress is likely due to many factors, the presentation identifies the organizational investments that PMI research shows helps organizations achieve their strategic initiatives and realize their business goals.

You will learn what those organizations we identify as Champions do that differentiates them from underperformers.

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Caterina La Tona, BSC, PMP, PfMP, Chair  2018 PMI Board of Directors

Caterina La Tona’s career spans more than 30 years, serving multiple industries and characterized by successive global roles, setting strategy and delivering cornerstone initiatives. She is now an advisor, focused on realizing business transformation with IT executives and teams.

As HP Executive Director, Ms. La Tona led the global transition/transformation and program/project management (PPM) capability, driving predictability and repeatability. People and process development were prime goals. Ms. La Tona strengthened the PPM job family to reflect success profiles and implemented a single global method and lessons learned process.

As Transformation Executive for the EDS Manufacturing, Industrial and Energy Industry Group, she drove business results with IT Executives through transformation advisory services and critical change initiatives. All facets of the business were affected, requiring strong leadership, integration and collaboration. Former roles included global portfolio management, contract negotiations and global manufacturing/engineering function management.

The breadth of Ms. La Tona’s experience positioned her to write and speak to diverse groups globally. Topics have included women in leadership, global project/program management, portfolio management, successful transition/transformation and management of change. She has traveled extensively, working with local teams, sharing knowledge and advancing objectives.

Ms. La Tona holds an honors bachelor of computer science degree from the University of Windsor and attended Thunderbird-American Graduate School of International Management program focused on managerial issues in the global enterprise. She is a founding member of the PMI Global Executive Council and has supported multiple PMI initiatives over the years. She has been a mentor for 12 years at EDS, HP and with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Ms. La Tona enjoys cross country skiing, hockey and travel.

There are few organisations that doubt the value of digital transformation. It’s the strategy and execution that can be challenging. Projects need to be strategised, executed, and analysed for optimal realisation of benefits.

While most companies are beginning to take steps in their digital transformation journey, less than half of companies have undertaken a digital transformation project. Some worry about digital transformation projects failing, but if they hesitate to act, they risk falling behind.

Learn how to overcome five common stumbling blocks faced by PMOs when working within a digital transformation environment. Workfront is an enterprise work management solution that allows PMOs to work with increased visibility, efficiency, and confidence. With smarter, more modern project management practices, the PMO can effectively lead its organisation in digital transformation.

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An IT veteran of over 20 years, Simon is a specialist in cloud based information and Enterprise Work Management, he has held senior technical positions at Autonomy, IBM, Intralinks and Verity.

Passionate about technology, process and optimisation Simon has a successful track record of building business and has helped 4 companies be privately acquired and taken a fifth to IPO.


With budgets being squeezed, many organisations are launching cost reduction programmes to deliver cost savings. It is now even more important than before to focus on actually delivering these savings.

David Walton, Managing Director of Bestoutcome, describes some key steps to ensure that your projects actually deliver the savings you need. David describes how you plan, manage and deliver benefits throughout the project lifecycle. He covers benefits probabilities, disbenefits, quality gates and linking milestones to benefits delivery.

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Have you wondered how you can improve efficiency in project delivery whilst also providing accurate business data to meet corporate requirements in as efficient manner as possible?

Do you suffer project deviation in terms of time, cost, scope without visibility of the root causes?

Do you run your projects with MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint

Hear how Honeywell Building Solutions (HBS) has deployed a portfolio management solution to provide better control, insight and governance and it is now incorporating business requirements into the standard “running a project” methodology to provide reduced data entry, allowing data to be entered once for use by many and building a platform for all aspects of project control. Listen to the overview of how HBS has built on its successful global deployment of a standard PPM application with project forecasting modules that provides three outputs:

  1. Project cost profiling
  2. Bottom-up project EAC calculation
  3. Business revenue forecasting

And provides the basis for further developments such as cash flow modelling and labour planning.


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Phil has worked for Honeywell in the Building Solutions division for over 33 years within the controls industry for Commercial Buildings. In the last 10 years, he has been part of the Project Operations function, which has been directly involved with the management of large projects including Terminal 5, Wembley Stadium and the Olympic Games.

People Deliver Projects has worked with over 20 leading organisations on sponsor capability and it is now a major focus of our work.  We want to get better sponsorship on the map as a big issue and we will share with you what we have learned so far.

Sponsor behaviour is often a problem for project managers, and even where it isn’t, there could be so much more a sponsor could bring.  However, we will argue that believing sponsors don’t know how to sponsor is a myth.  We will also share how the project manager can make a tangible difference to getting the sponsor they deserve, in what is often a muddled relationship.  Why not bring your sponsor along?

At this session we won’t talk any theory, just realty, with a scenario played out by professional actors, with audience interaction from where you sit.  There will be a few home truths, a good debate, laughter, and serious learning.  It’s not cheesey, and no one will be bored, we promise.

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Andy is the founder and managing director of People Deliver Projects.

Before this, his proper jobs included Project Manager, Factory and General Manager in British Aerospace. He has spent all his working life in projects and change, and outside work his projects are on rock, sea and snow.

Andy’s zeal is for getting projects back to being foremost about people delivering together and the leadership which makes that possible. Process, by contrast, he believes should be simple and just enough to help people to get the job done.

His creative and engaging team have helped 100 organisations to achieve success by learning to lead and deliver projects and change.

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be an exciting ride. Whilst sufficient skills must be available to ensure timely completion of assignments and avoid client disappointment, having spare resources ‘just in case’ can severely impact operational profits.

Drawing on recent experiences with Lendlease, the international property and infrastructure developer, and CB&I, a leading provider of technology and infrastructure for the energy industry, we will see how project and services organizations can maintain the right balance in a constantly changing environment.

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Barry Muir is the managing director and co-founder of Innate, the resource management software company. He has more than 30 years’ experience of successfully implementing resource management software across different market sectors.

The role of the project board is critical to providing the proper direction for the project manager

Surveys and benchmarks from organizations like PMI’s Pulse of profession, The Standish Group’s Chaos Report, National Audit Office (NAO), and many more, give insight into the key success factors of successful projects and also, importantly, why many projects fail. In all these reports, we find recurring factors like lack of user involvement, speed of decision making, and senior management commitment. Even allowing for the project manager’s expertise, drive and commitment, it’s the senior manager and project board member who is ultimately accountable for these success factors. The project board can make a project a success by building a facilitating culture, showing commitment, supporting decentralized decision making, and making sure the right users are involved.

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Consider the characteristics of projects in the Digital Era: shorter project lead times, self-managed teams, continuous delivery, minimum viable product, dev-ops, the end of the “Iron Triangle” measures of success, Scrum masters and Product Owners.  Is traditional project management dead?

Not so argues Jon Ward, an experienced agile coach and transformational leader.  However Project Management needs to adapt.  With the publication of PRINCE2 Agile and the PMI’s Agile Practice Guide agile is now main stream.  Agile Project Management is an essential ingredient to control and manage the organisational complexities of agile at scale.

In this session we will look at the techniques and behaviours of an agile project manager.

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