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MM_0120Operational excellence and best practice in project management are essential in driving organisations forward. This zone looks at the key drivers and best strategies for success.

All attendees are eligible to attend these FREE presentation sessions which will be delivered from open zones within the exhibition hall.


Is your PMO recognised as value adding, or an overhead?  Constantly trying to justify your PMO existence?  During this session leading PMO expert and Chair of the APM PMO SIG, Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, will talk about the benefits of the PMO and the importance of selling it as a professional service provider within your organisation.

Emma-Ruth will talk about some of the tactics used by PMOs to successfully embed themselves as a value adding business partner and share practical tips & techniques you can immediately employ.

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Emma has more than 15 years’ experience in the project management industry and established her first PMO back in 2008. Since joining the APM, Emma-Ruth has been particularly active in the PMO industry. She strongly believes in the PMO as a key enabler of successful business.

Emma-Ruth created ERAP Consulting Ltd in 2014 with a vision of transforming PMO consultancy to align with the modern needs of business. She majors on collaboration – combining the process-driven world of PMO with the modern age of ‘here-and-now’ (focusing on the use of tools such as SharePoint and Office 365) – where information and support is available 24×7 at the touch of a button.

As Chair of APM PMO SIG Emma-Ruth is seeking to steer the PMO discipline from a traditionally administrative function to a fully embedded strategic business partner through its professionalisation both internally and externally; and curating events that inform and support this view. Enabling ‘PMO people’ to keep up with the exponential pace of business-related change.

More and more organisations are looking to embrace innovation but lack the structure and tools to support it. Many organisations already have a function in place for delivery but to effectively manage change and drive innovation it should surely be managed end to end.

Starting with strategy and ideation through to implementation and ending with benefits. What part does the PMO play in creating the environment for and managing that process? Built on Office 365, edison365 combines an intuitive ideation platform and a leading Project Portfolio Management tool, to deliver end to end innovation.


Speaker Bio

When it comes to global experience, few Project Portfolio Management (PPM) consultants can compete with Duncan. With more than 15 years’ experience and a track record that includes work in Edinburgh, London and San Francisco, Duncan brings a wealth of experience of designing, deploying and managing successful PPM solutions. He has worked across multiple sectors including banking, insurance, government, hi-tech, bio-tech, manufacturing and major game’s events, bringing a level of expertise that few in the industry can match. He is also contracted to Microsoft as a PPM technical solutions professional where, as a trusted partner, he provides PPM advice and consultancy directly to its customers.

In our micro second culture of twitter and whats-app it can be difficult to get stakeholders to care.

Stephen Brown, will discuss the role between project information and the stakeholder; how to get stakeholders engaged and why it’s inherently difficult to achieve this.

In an information rich world what techniques can be deployed and what formats are effective in winning the struggle to win people’s time and attention and change their behaviour.

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Stephen Brown is co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Polarisoft. For the last 20 years, Stephen has been addressing the needs of businesses to consume and manage more and more information.  Advising some of the world’s largest companies on IT Strategy, he has shown how to create a significant return on investment on limited budget by implementing technology in very specific ways. His passion for technology and simplicity has helped Polarisoft build solutions that not only function, but are intuitive and simple to use.

An increasing number of companies are coming up against challenges as they move Agile practices from the team to the Program/Enterprise level. Based on the early feedback of some of Planisware’s customers, Nicolas will discuss the adoption of a Scaled Agile approach; what challenges companies should expect, and the rewards that can be won. He will also cover the various benefits of methodologies such as SAFe, DAD, and LeSS.

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Nicolas has been working for Planisware for the last 15 years. One of his key roles has been to bring knowledge around emerging methodologies to Planisware customers as well as foster communication and idea exchange within the Planisware community.

Planisware is a global provider of Project Portfolio Management software designed for product development and R&D organizations.

Today, more than 33% of the top 100 R&D spenders worldwide utilize Planisware solutions at a corporate level to manage their projects, resources, and portfolios.

A global organization, Planisware offices are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan.

The AXELOS PPM Benchmark Study for 2017 identified that the number one concern for project managers today is the expectation that they must deliver more for less, as the business environment becomes more competitive and budgets and timelines become tighter.  Yet, as these pressure grow, project and programme management maturity is often still lacking and the link between strategy and delivery is, at best, unclear.

What can your organization do to better align project delivery with the strategic intent of the business?  And how can you influence and shape this alignment?

This session will explore how project managers can help guide the maturity of their organization and, in the face of growing pressures, what they can do to take the competitive edge.


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Speaker Bio

Tom is the PPM Product Manager at AXELOS, responsible for shaping and driving the commercial strategy for the PPM portfolio, including flagship products such as PRINCE2 and MSP. Previous to his current role he has over 7 years’ experience across a range of marketing roles both within the training and certification industry and technology space.

APM has had a busy 12 months with the award of its Royal Charter, managing the consultation to set the chartered standard and publishing a revised strategy and mission. In addition, developments within the profession continue a pace with the emergence of key control functional roles and the increasing adoption of Agile as a method for project delivery.

What is the role of APM in this dynamic and exciting time for the profession?

John will aim to provide an update on APM’s programme of work and some insight into its role going forward.

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Speaker Bio

John is the current Chairman of APM, elected by the APM board in November 2016.

John has significant experience in Project Management and extensive track record of successful project delivery in the defence and security sectors. John is a Director in Atkins, one of the world’s leading design, engineering and project management consultancies.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, a Fellow of the Association of Project Management, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply and holds a BSc (Hons) in Electronic Engineering, a Masters Degree in Computing Science from Imperial College and an MBA. John is Head of Project Management Profession for Atkins Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology.

He lives in Abergavenny, South Wales with his wife and four (mostly grown up) sons, is a committed supporter at hockey and rugby games and an outdoor sports enthusiast.

We recognise that all PMOs are different – tailored to the businesses they support. However, are there some underlying principles that should underpin any PMO? We believe there are, seven in fact. PMO Flashmob have been working closely with AIPMO to pull together empirical research, validated by practitioners to identify principles that apply to any/every type of PMO – temporary, permanent, project, programme or portfolio/ enterprise level.

This presentation will take you through the seven principles, what they mean in practice – recognising the challenges to embedding them but looking at the benefits that can be achieved when they are.

Copies of the PMO principles will be available to all those who attend the session or visit us at the PMO Flashmob stand.

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Speaker Bio

Eileen Roden is the author of Portfolio, Programmes and Project Offices (P3O) and the UK’s leading authority and trainer in PMO.

Join Scott Harberd as he shares his experiences and lessons learned implementing PPM Software across a number of FTSE 100 organisations experiencing rapid growth.

In this session Scott will focus on a specific implementation of KeyedIn Projects at one of the UKs largest airlines as they looked to drive better decision making, effective planning, improved estimations and smarter resourcing.

This presentation will be useful for anybody that is exploring the possibility of implementing PPM and those looking for practical tips on how to overcome some of the typical challenges associated with a period of transformation and change.

Speaker Bio

Scott Harberd is an Interim Senior Project and Programme Manager with a wide range of transformation & business change projects and programmes under his belt, including over 20 years in the travel industry. Whilst his travel experience is second to none, his experience spans both public and private sectors from FTSE 100 organisations, to managing a UK government transformation programme, showing he can successfully deliver projects no matter the industry.

Scott fell into this the project and programme management field by purely being given a 6 month opportunity by a company director, and since 2006 has not looked back.

HIs passion for PPM grew when implementing a PPM application into a FTSE 100 organisation, and has gone on to write and publish independent PPM articles, and present at vendor conferences on the subject


In a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and increasingly complex world, how can you even begin to understand what needs changing in an organisation, how one might go about accomplishing it and improve capability? This calls for a complete new way of thinking and working for the change initiatives to be successful. An alternative approach is to use Serious Games and Play techniques.

But seriously …. are these not only meant for children’s fun and enjoyment?

Serious Games and Play techniques combine visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic styles; systems; design thinking, psychology and neuroscience which have proven to deliver results.  In this session, Richard and Parag will share client case studies on some of their applications and how they have enabled organisations to deliver better outcomes and benefits on change portfolio, programme and projects. Participants will also be able to book taster games and play session for their organisation and teams at the Ambition Group’s stand.

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Speaker Bio

Richard Moret, CEO + Founder, Ambition Group

Richard is an award winning, proven leader in helping organisations implement and improve their portfolio, programme and project practices. He has been involved as a managing consultant for many large programmes and projects across infrastructure, construction, transportation, financial services and public services sectors. Based in Netherlands, he works with organisations across the world.

He is most acclaimed for his contribution to the Maasvlakte 2 project – a € 2.9 billion project; fourth largest land reclamation worldwide which resulted in development of 1000 hectares of new harbour area in the Port of Rotterdam. Richard introduced new portfolio, programme and project management practices making the Maasvlakte 2 the first project in the world to achieve P3M3® maturity level 5.

Richard is the CEO & Founder of the Ambition Group and Creative Director of Ambition Games. He is the creative force behind development of innovative management games in the subject areas of risk, programme, portfolio and project management.


Parag Gogate, Managing Consultant + Director, Ambition Group

Parag is an experienced and proven senior leader passionate about helping organisations, teams and individuals improve their change capability and agility. He has been involved with multitude of business transformation programmes and projects in multi-national, complex and fast changing business environments.

Some of his varied work assignments have included IT applications/system implementations, integrated management system development & implementations, new contract mobilisations, development and implementation of business change framework, leading process & customer service improvement initiatives.

Parag has also developed and implemented strategic business and operations plans along with enterprise risk management frameworks. He has extensive experience in design, development and delivery of training programmes to improve change programme and project capability.

Parag is the Managing Consultant & Director of Ambition Group. He is a committee member of APM’s Midland Branch and Enabling Change Specific Interest Group where he leads Innovation & Collaboration. He is also member of Agile Business Consortium’s Culture & Leadership group working group.



Do you live in a world of complex cross functional projects where resources seem never available when the project needs them? This session will show you the approach Siemens has taken to reduce time-to-market and get a reliable 5 year Product Development Pipeline through RPM. Best practices for R&D, Engineering and IT will be presented

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Speaker Bio

Greg Bailey has led international teams and partners for over 25 years including Founder and CEO of SharkPro Software. Greg was recruited from Platinum to start, hire and manage all direct sales and the global reseller channel as Vice President of eLabor’s Resource Planning Division until the Enterprise Project product was acquired by Microsoft. As Vice President of Application Lifecycle at Platinum technology he led a global team of 70 sales consultants to $130m in revenue.

Wellingtone are the UKs leading specialist project management recruitment company and sponsors of the APM Salary & Market Trends Survey 2017; by far the largest of its kind in the UK.  Vince Hines will lift the lid on salary data both for permanent and contract roles.  How much should you be earning, which roles earn most and what could you earn as a contractor?  What qualifications are employers looking for and what does Vince recommend?  These questions and many more will be answered in this entertaining and informative presentation.


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Speaker Bio

Vince Hines is the Managing Director of Wellingtone Project Management; the consulting, training and recruitment company.  He is an expert Project Management Consultant with considerable experience working in the US and Europe as well as at home in the UK.

Vince focuses on providing practical guidance to organisations looking to develop their project management maturity though improved governance, methodology, PMO and as an Accredited APM Trainer, qualifications.  Vince also helps organisations plot their course to successfully deploy best in class Microsoft PPM solutions including Project Online.


Vince is a regular speaker at APM & project management industry events and writes the Careers Column for Project Magazine, the quarterly APM publication.

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