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MM_0291 (2)‘Project controls’ are the information gathering, analytics and management processes used to predict, understand and influence the time / cost outcomes of a project or program.

The discipline can encompass any of the following: Scheduling; Cost estimation / engineering; Earned Value Management; Risk management / assessment; Document control; Supplier performance measurement.

This new zone takes a close look at some of the latest tools and techniques.

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Do you visualise  the Work Breakdown Structure? Are you constantly re-creating data throughout the life cycle of the project for presentations or reporting?  These issues can be easily solved with the application mind mapping technology.

Mind Mapping has been widely used for the past 40 years in all aspects of business and education. Traditionally used as a brainstorming tool, but more recently it’s been optimised for the project manager. Mind Mapping is an increasingly popular topic in project management because when paired with technology it will increase productivity by 25%.  Specifically, it helps the Project Manager in the WBS process and converting the WBS into the Gantt.  Mind Mapping technology has further benefits because of the strong integration with MS Office and other PM tools.

This session is relevant if you need to optimise your WBS and are looking for ways to visualise the project plan more successfully.

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Join Sciforma – one of the largest global providers of Project & Portfolio Management software – for this dynamic presentation.

You will learn how to manage “two separate but coherent styles of work, one focused on predictability and the other on exploration” Defined by Gartner, this is called the ‘Bimodal Approach’.

Discover how Sciforma is marrying Agile and Waterfall/CCPM approaches in one single PPM tool. Discover how you can implement a PPM tool and deliver faster!

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Nicholas Mierowski, the UK/Benelux Sales Manager, actively works with his clients to assist them in a personnalized manner based on their level of maturity.

Involved in all of the phases of the project, his responsibility is to provide tailored assistance and advice, with the aim of creating a synergy between the tool and the company’s framework.

With over 35 years of expertise, Sciforma provides a highly-scalable and cost-effective solution, and incorporates customer feedback into the tool

What would your organisation rather have controlling your portfolio, programme or project? Competent people and simple tools or clever tools and incompetent/average people?

This session will explore you. An individual can make a massive difference, in portfolio, programme and project management. The difference “you” can make is often the difference between success and failure. This session is not for the faint-hearted, it will hold up a mirror for “you to reflect on.

So before investing in more tools, the organisation might want to invest more in “you”, the return on investment just might be better value for money.

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Eddie is an experienced Senior Manager who has led portfolio’s programmes and projects, his earlier experiences were in telecommunications where he held a variety of roles including Head of Projects with over 100 programme and project management staff in the Practice. He created and then sold a successful consultancy organisation. He was Head of Sustainable Programme Management for the first 18 months of the conflict in South Sudan. More recently he has returned from Sierra Leone helping to kick off a programme aimed at reducing infant/mother mortality rates and reducing teenage pregnancy. Eddie is now working with a variety of clients who all have a common goal – improved delivery through effective portfolio, programme and project management.

Microsoft Project Online provides a complete PPM solution.  From timesheets to demand management, from risk logs to Exec dashboards on ipads and timesheets on iphones.  It’s all there and we’ve helped so many organisatons achieve success with resource management, team collaboration, portfolio analysis and progress tracking using timesheets.

Come and listen to a simple, non-jargon explanation of how it all works, the benefits our clients achieve and how to approach a PPM deployment yourself.  Whether you have Office365 or not…this is the simple to use great cloud solution.

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Baz is a Director at Wellingtone, a leading Microsoft PPM Gold Partner and a highly experienced Microsoft PPM Consultant. He also works closely with the Microsoft UK Project team as a P-SSP where he is often tasked with helping organisations address their PPM pain points and increase their project management maturity. He has been directly involved in a significant number of implementations across an array of organisations that span both private and public sectors as well as numerous verticals. With his background, and experience of working within PMO’s, Baz is well versed in educating organisations on the benefits they can realise through deploying Microsoft Project Online to complete the Future PMO.

Sustainable Direction Ltd has helped develop the energy strategy for Alderney Electricity Ltd, the principal energy provider for the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands. Working closely with the client for over 18 months, Sustainable Direction has adopted an EPC Management (EPCM) Contractual Approach.

Sustainable Direction and their implementation supplier, TSL (Team Stokes Ltd) together are managing the Engineering, Procurement and Construction, with AEL as Client, Sustainable Direction and TSL as EPCM, and with the Client’s engineering department as Principal Contractor.

The management of Risk and Contractual Issues as well as the PM approach will be described as a powerful way to leverage value for the client and their project. The key to this project is the control solution.

NOTE: Dr John Henry Looney, MD Sustainable Direction Ltd – will present the paper.
Co-authors     James Lancaster, CEO Alderney Electricity Ltd, Alan Graca, Operations Director AEL, Jon Stokes, TSL Engineering and Construction Manager, and Kris Atkins, SDL as overall PM

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John Henry has over 32 years’ experience in delivering environmental and sustainability projects.  He has a strong technical, business and project management background, with management experience at Owner and Director Level.  He has provided consulting expertise to a wide range of organisations from small consultancies to multinational organisations and government bodies in over 30 countries, and has been Director on projects up to £80m.

From the US originally he moved to the UK in 1979 completing his PhD at Stirling University.  Since then he has taught at Universities, carried out UNECE funded air quality research at the Natural History Museum; and then worked for 24 years in consultancy, including power and energy (M&E); civil, process and chemical; and environmental engineering before setting up Sustainable Direction Ltd to help companies move in a sustainable direction.

In this session John will examine four key areas for consideration when embarking on a digital transformation project:

  • What are the biggest myths about digital transformation programmes?
  • How a project management approach is essential for delivering measurable benefits when managing a digital transformation programme.
  • The need for organisational agility
  • Lessons learned from past projects


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John McGrath is a Cora Systems champion and a project management professor at DIT (Ireland). John also designs and delivers executive education programs for industry. His track record includes lead project management work with over 150 global companies and government agencies, including the London and Rio Paralympics, United Nations and the World Bank.

John is passionate about engaging project teams, building trust and fostering collaborative interactions with competing stakeholders and also has also extensive experience in deploying enterprise PMO systems within the medical devices and pharmaceutical sector.

Having both worked on large Business Change Programmes over the last 25 years, Nick and David will talk about how there is a need for flexibility in terms of Programme Governance, depending on the scope of the Programme, the type of organisation, and the nature of your Sponsors and Stakeholders.

It is never a ‘one size fits all’, but there is always a minimum level of Programme Governance required. Successful Programmes will always have a great Team, People, and Communications, and appropriate governance. A minimum level of governance, and ‘less is more’ approach to ongoing Programme Control has to be the start point for the majority!

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Nick Wilson – 30 Years in IT, Project and Programme Management, 15 of which as Managing Director of the Portfolio, Programme and Project Tracking Solution provider – ProgrammExpress

David Broom – A former IT Director, working mainly in the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Sector, and now Managing Director of Retail Fix, developing and Implementing IT Strategy for Large Corporates, and leading and implementing large Change Programmes.

Voltaire said, “uncertainty is an uncomfortable position, but certainty is an absurd one”. It is a necessity for project teams to operate in a world of uncertainty, and for sanctioning bodies and senior stakeholders to fully understand this fact of life and its implications.

This is never more so than at the early phases of the project; when the demands of establishing a robust, underpinned estimate and the drive to secure sanction to get critical activities underway in a timely fashion are often in conflict. Managing this uncertainty throughout the project lifecycle is a cornerstone of Project Controls, and this presentation will look at some common pitfalls and approaches to avoiding optimism bias.

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Graham is the Chief Operations Officer of  IMD Group. He has 15+ years of experience within the defence industry working with both government agencies and the supply chain to deliver equipment and infrastructure projects in highly regulated environments. He has also lead transformational change programmes implementing enhanced Project Management and Project Controls approaches and facilitating clients with learning and development of P3M resources within their teams.

PMO’s and resource managers are being tasked with delivering more projects with less or at best constrained resources. edison365 built on Office 365 and Project Online provides a single platform to understand total resource capacity. It understands your current commitments and then models ‘what if’ scenarios to understand how new projects might impact capacity. Save different options as scenarios and then compare scenarios to make optimal resourcing decisions.

Making use of your existing investments, edison365 provides a beautiful, easy to use interface which is still fully functional and enterprise ready, enabling you to transform your project delivery.

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When it comes to global experience, few Project Portfolio Management (PPM) consultants can compete with Duncan. With more than 15 years’ experience and a track record that includes work in Edinburgh, London and San Francisco, Duncan brings a wealth of experience of designing, deploying and managing successful PPM solutions. He has worked across multiple sectors including banking, insurance, government, hi-tech, bio-tech, manufacturing and major game’s events, bringing a level of expertise that few in the industry can match. He is also contracted to Microsoft as a PPM technical solutions professional where, as a trusted partner, he provides PPM advice and consultancy directly to its customers.


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