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MM_0291 (2)‘Project controls’ are the information gathering, analytics and management processes used to predict, understand and influence the time / cost outcomes of a project or program.

The discipline can encompass any of the following: Scheduling; Cost estimation / engineering; Earned Value Management; Risk management / assessment; Document control; Supplier performance measurement.

This new zone takes a close look at some of the latest tools and techniques.

All attendees are eligible to attend these FREE presentation sessions which will be delivered from open zones within the exhibition hall.



Do you visualise the Work Breakdown Structure? Are you constantly re-creating data throughout the life cycle of the project for presentations or reporting?  These issues can be easily solved with the application mind mapping technology.

Mind Mapping has been widely used for the past 40 years in all aspects of business and education. Traditionally used as a brainstorming tool, but more recently it’s been optimised for the project manager. Mind Mapping is an increasingly popular topic in project management because when paired with technology it will increase productivity by 25%.  Specifically, it helps the Project Manager in the WBS process and converting the WBS into the Gantt.  Mind Mapping technology has further benefits because of the strong integration with MS Office and other PM tools.

This session is relevant if you need to optimise your WBS and are looking for ways to visualise the project plan more successfully.

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You can execute and deliver on your projects flawlessly, but if you’re working on the wrong projects, none of that matters. Business alignment is the most important criteria for project selection. According to the most recent PMI survey, respondents believe that over 60% of their projects are not aligned with the business. If 60% of projects are deemed unaligned, it’s fair to conclude that up to 60% of project investments are wasted.

Discover in this interactive session how to improve business alignment through EPMO Governance, Executive Sponsorship and Project Selection and Portfolio Management Automation.

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Nicholas Mierowski, the UK/Benelux Sales Manager, actively works with his clients to assist them in a personnalized manner based on their level of maturity.

Involved in all of the phases of the project, his responsibility is to provide tailored assistance and advice, with the aim of creating a synergy between the tool and the company’s framework.

With over 35 years of expertise, Sciforma provides a highly-scalable and cost-effective solution, and incorporates customer feedback into the tool.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is now nearly twenty years old and is a well-established part of the PPM portfolio of best practice. Yet our research indicates that MSP, and indeed programme management, it is still not understood by many, and is often considered to be little more than the co-ordination of a number of projects.

In this session, John Edmonds will explore some of the benefits that MSP can bring to not only project and programme managers, but also to many other organizational roles as they seek a successful path through business transformations.

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Full of humour, honest advice and empathy, Sunchana describes her own journey from an unhappy employee to a successful freelance planning consultant.  Based on first-hand experiences post voluntary redundancy and a log term aspiration to become gold dust in project management terms, this is a story of transformation and discovery of what skills are important, of acquiring technical skillsets and finding the real confidence, of winning the first contract, of inspiring others and of making contracting in planning & control sustainable.  Sunchana confidently gives practical advice on how to start a business, exploring the benefits of employing good project planners, the obstacles and the exciting possibilities of joining the wonderful world of freelancing in planning, with the freedom, self-direction and flexibility that this offers.

Delegate take away from this session:

  1. Clear understanding of what makes a good project planner
  2. Guidance, motivation and confidence to become one
  3. Benefits of employing project planners

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Sunchana is an independent PMO Consultant, specialising in Planning.  Sunchana has accomplished a great deal for corporate and public-sector clients in a career spanning over 20 years in PMO, Regulatory, Business Change and Technology Transformations in delivering key strategic programmes worth up to 2 bn GBP.  Sunchana worked on the London Olympics and is currently engaged on the BREXIT Programme

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Effective risk management has little to do with software, filling in registers or obtaining the M_o_R qualification.

This session will challenge the way we currently think about risk and provide some practical examples of what it takes to effectively manage risk. For the risk practitioner (programme/project manager as well as those in a PMO) techniques to apply tomorrow, for management looking to embed a risk framework, a practical example from working in a conflict/post conflict environment to understand how complexity impacts your approach.

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Eddie is an experienced Senior Manager who has led portfolio’s, programmes and projects, his earlier experiences were in telecommunications where he held a variety of roles including Head of Projects with over 100 programme and project management staff in the Practice. He created and then sold a successful consultancy organisation. He has worked in over 40 countries and across a wide range of sectors including Head of Programme in South Sudan during the first 18 months of the conflict where effective risk management was essential to survival. Eddie is taking some time out to complete a Masters in Programme and Project Management whilst still supporting a few clients who all have a common goal – improved delivery through effective portfolio, programme and project management.

Organisations are looking to embrace innovation but lack the structure and tools to support it. Many organisations already have a function in place for delivery, but to effectively manage change and drive innovation it should surely be managed end-to-end, including strategy, ideation, implementation, and benefits. Built on Office 365, edison365 provides the freedom to crowdsource ideas, and the platform to implement them.

By leveraging Office 365 and harnessing employees’ insight, edison365 transforms creative ideas into winning projects. Our solution when combined with Project Online, Microsofts industry leading Project Portfolio Management platform, empowers organisations to deliver end-to-end innovation.

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Combine Mind Mapping with task management and Gantt timelines to revolutionise how teams use the right view of project data to clarify, plan and deliver projects on time and on budget but crucially, ensure that what is delivered is exactly what the stakeholders were expecting.

This presentation will show you how to achieve that.

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Ashley Marron is a Scottish based CEO with a proven record of creating and growing both manufacturing and software businesses in domestic and international markets. Ashley has been a CEO for over 20 years initially within the hugely competitive manufacturing domain before moving to Gael to manage the team that propelled the growth of the software business. Gael specialised in providing Quality, Safety and Risk solutions for Aviation, Healthcare, Defence and Manufacturing organisations across 93 countries. Following the sale of Gael to Ideagen plc he then moved to focus his attention on developing MindGenius Ltd as a leading player in Project Management solutions, contributing to the strategic development of a new SaaS application called Barvas and the ongoing development of the Desktop Product MindGenius.

Based on first-hand experiences of a career spanning 20-years in a variety of sectors, this is a story of dealing with change and transformation via structured and creative planning processes.  Full of humour and practical advice, Sunchana is exploring the benefits of employing good project planners and the exciting possibilities of discovery as to why planning skills are so vital to delivery.

Sunchana provides persuasive guidance on 10 top benefits of undertaking planning activities in any organisation.

Dedelates will take away from this sesson:

  1. Clear understanding of how an organisation can benefit from planning activities
  2. Guidance and confidence to counter excuses for not planning
  3. Inspiring a course of action to buster lack of planning


Speaker Bio

Sunchana is an independent PMO Consultant, specialising in Planning.  Sunchana has accomplished a great deal for corporate and public-sector clients in a career spanning over 20 years in PMO, Regulatory, Business Change and Technology Transformations in delivering key strategic programmes worth up to 2 bn GBP.  Sunchana worked on the London Olympics and is currently engaged on the BREXIT Programme.

This presentation is an attempt to unpack and humanise the body of knowledge that sits at the root of change management. Working on the assumption that the difference between an empty buzzword and a revolutionary idea is the depth of understanding behind it, Louis will share some his knowledge (and ignorance) about key thinkers and how project and programme professionals might be able capitalise on their insights.

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Louis Aylward is a practitioner and trainer who has been active in the field since 2013. He is the change thought leader for Ignite Consulting where he combines consulting in the policing sector with blogging about change management and delivering accredited training to small groups.

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