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You really don’t need a big budget and a year of consultant support to set up your Project, Programme or Portfolio Support Office, Small Team Edition comes with everything you need for £999.

Providing you with methodology, document control, governance, resourcing, notifications, approvals management, reporting and dashboards for twenty users and it even includes some training.

Speaker Bio

Malcolm West is the founder and Managing Director of PROJECT in a box. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer and is a seasoned veteran of projects, project management, leading project based organisations and implementing PPM best practice in organisations, he says he has the scars to prove it. Malcolm has a Warwick MBA and was the APM’s Sir Monty Finniston Award winner in 1999. Malcolm still spends much of his time working hands on with organisations helping them improve the way they deliver their projects.

A critical look at the controls being used today for the projects we will start tomorrow.

This zone states that ‘Project controls’ are the information gathering, analytics and management processes used to predict, understand and influence the time / cost outcomes of a project or program.

As the we accelerate into the 21st century is it right to still be focusing on predicting, understanding and trying to influence time and cost? Isn’t this yesterday thinking? Today seems to have a desire to deliver tomorrows benefit and desperately wants good value for money.

This session will look at the need to shift focus from trying to control “old world” constraints to enabling “new world” delivery, without repeating the mistakes of the past.

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Speaker Bio

Eddie is an experienced Senior Manager who has led portfolio’s programmes and projects, his earlier experiences were in telecommunications where he held a variety of roles including Head of Projects with over 100 programme and project management staff in the Practice. He created and then sold a successful consultancy organisation. He has worked in over 40 countries and across a wide range of sectors. Eddie is taking some time out to complete a Masters in Programme and Project Management whilst still supporting a few clients who all have a common goal – improved delivery through effective portfolio, programme and project management.

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