Individual and Organisational Challenges

Latest session announcements at Project Challenge focus on the individual and organisational challenges that PPM practitioners face in project management today. Project Challenge’s informative sessions are free throughout the day, available on a first come, first served basis.

Attendees can choose from session across four different zones, new for this year is the Planning and Control Zone.


The latest sessions include:

Stakeholder-led project management: Changing the way we manage projects

Fiona Magee, CITI consultant

If stakeholders matter at all then they must make a difference to the way we plan, structure and execute projects.

Thought-leaders CITI Ltd provide a stakeholder-centred analysis of projects and explains which identification, analysis, communication and engagement models are relevant to different types of projects. This has relevance from an office move to transformational change of business and can even include complex social change.

Based on case studies from around the world, CITI consultant Fiona Magee illustrates what goes wrong when stakeholders are not engaged successfully, and what lessons we can learn from these examples.The talk will be accompanied by a new book by CITI consultant Louise Worsley. This book is intended for project professionals who find themselves involved in managing projects with complex stakeholder concerns. Copies will be available both to buy and to order from CITI Ltd’s stand.

Can You Cut it in Project and Programme Management?

Dr Ian Clarkson, Head of Project and Programme Management, QA

“Human rational behaviour is shaped by a scissors whose blades are the structure of task environments and the computational capabilities of the actor”. Herbert A. Simon

Can this quote provide an analogy of how to embed project management in organisations?

This session explores this analogy and discusses the factors that are needed to make project and programme management work for your organisations.

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management – Three Disciplines, One Race

Steve Kirk, Professional Services Director, Sciforma UK

Implementing a project-based organisation is like a triathlon, with the three separate disciplines of portfolio, programme and project management, that are linked together and need to be executed in balance and with the same level of expertise. In combination, these disciplines provide an enterprise wide process for implementing strategy that is systematic and efficient.

This presentation describes this cultural and organisational approach that rewards those organisations that recognise the need for each discipline and work continuously to improve all three.

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