1. Can you develop a PPM system into a work collaboration platform for everyone?

    Aaron Scott heads the Corporate Programme Management Office for NHS Solent Trust. Having introduced a new PPM approach and cloud-based system the challenge now is how to engage the wider organisation. Cloud PPM systems are great at managing key projects and for stakeholder engagement but they’re not universally popular with project teams and the wider delivery […]

  2. What’s in it for me? Why change management is a challenge

    During 2019 and 2020, LEO Pharma implemented a new process for their PPM; first within the IT department, and later expandnig to R&D and Production & Supply. Despite the thrill of a shiny new system, a lot of key users were resistant to change – even in IT leaning towards a non-digital approach. This presentation […]

  3. 5 PMO Productivity Problems and How to Solve Them

    As an IT PMO professional, you’re in the best position to lead real transformational change for your organisation. Whether it’s inefficient processes, poor reporting, lack of visibility, or disconnected teams, PMO teams have trouble getting work done on time and within budget. You will hear from Neil Bacon, Transformation Advisor, at Workfront, and Bruce Leebove, […]

  4. Reverse Mentoring as a Change Management Tool

    A key requirement for successful change management is a deep understanding of how change will affect the end users. Reverse mentoring can help leaders navigate the impact of change on frontline staff, better inform their decision making and help them adapt their strategy in the light of invaluable insights about organisational impact garnered from staff. […]

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