1. Pushing Resource Management Up the Slope of Enlightenment: A Change Centered Approach

    Gartner’s Strategic Portfolio management 2021 hype cycle put resource management just at the cusp of entering the Slope of Enlightenment. Given that organizations have been actively doing resource management for decades, we have to ask what will it take to finally move up the curve? This presentation will explore how a new, more people-oriented resource […]

  2. Governance is a total waste… or is it?

    Everyone hates useless governance. If no one likes following the rules, how can you create project governance that is effective? Otherwise it’s just a waste. At that point, is it worth even trying to make governance for everyone? In this talk, Niraj will explore techniques to build governance that works for the whole organisation, even […]

  3. Want busy people or finished projects? How to effectively integrate resource management in your project and product portfolio

    This presentation is delivered by Valkeen’s CEO Marc Neckermann. Heading the consulting division, he supported countless corporations in pragmatically achieving a higher resource portfolio management (RPM) maturity. PMO organisations with resource transparency have a huge competitive advantage in times significantly characterised by constant change and massive project/change funnels. Marc will focus on two aspects which […]

  4. Microsoft Project Solutions – Making them work for you

    Project management technology continues to evolve, and organisations are finding it more and more challenging to find the right solution for their specific needs. Microsoft has introduced a number of Project and Work Management Solutions. These include Microsoft Project, Project Online, Project for the Web, Planner and Azure Dev Ops, but which tool best suits which projects? […]

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