1. Choose the right Microsoft PPM solution for your company

    Within Office 365 you can access a range of Microsoft solutions that will help you with anything from basic task management through to the management of complex portfolios. Join this session to understand the positioning of Planner, Project for the Web (Plan 1) and Project Online (Plans 3&5) and determine which solution is the correct […]

  2. Team members – how Project for the web and the Power Platform provides a collaborative way of working

    CPS will demonstrate how PMs and team members can work together to ensure successful project delivery. CPS will show how team members can use an App – the Daily Progress Update – to record the daily work, capture risks and collect useful information.  Using this data, PMs and execs can gain clear insight in to […]

  3. Sharpening your Project Management Axe

    As a project manager, you live by the wisdom in the expression, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” But most of today’s PM tools force the user to jump right into defining tasks. The challenge then is to ensure that you don’t allow […]

  4. 7 ongoing challenges for the PMO + how to overcome them

    With digital disruption, change is here to stay. As the pace of technological innovation drastically changes the current business environment, PMOs are facing the biggest challenge: re-envisioning the role of the PMO and how to continue adding value to the organization at large. Within this task, we see 7 major trends that will recognize PMOs […]

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