1. Deploying Resource Portfolio Management to Drive Value Flow

    The biggest challenge in delivering portfolios is managing the resource pipeline, so that value flow is optimised, and the enterprise is equipped to adapt to new challenges and opportunities at speed. We may think Agile has cracked this particular nut but, in fact, 56 percent of projects fail to deliver the original goals and business […]

  2. Getting buy-in for your project and change ideas

    Whatever project you are involved in, your success relies on your ability to generate interest, enthusiasm and participation from people who are already busy with their own work. So how can you become a world leading persuader? Melanie will deliver a whistle-stop tour through a range of “neuro-hacks” using how the brain prefers to work […]

  3. Pushing Resource Management Up the Slope of Enlightenment: A Change Centered Approach

    Gartner’s Strategic Portfolio management 2021 hype cycle put resource management just at the cusp of entering the Slope of Enlightenment. Given that organizations have been actively doing resource management for decades, we have to ask what will it take to finally move up the curve? This presentation will explore how a new, more people-oriented resource […]

  4. Governance is a total waste… or is it?

    Everyone hates useless governance. If no one likes following the rules, how can you create project governance that is effective? Otherwise it’s just a waste. At that point, is it worth even trying to make governance for everyone? In this talk, Niraj will explore techniques to build governance that works for the whole organisation, even […]

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