Capital, Change and Character – New Sessions at Project Challenge

Further sessions have just been announced for this Autumn’s Project Challenge which takes place at London Olympia (Kensington) on the 11th and 12th October. Project Challenge is free to attend, sessions are on a first come, first served basis.

People Power – how to improve the practice of project management through insights into personal style 

Adrian Dooley, Founder, Praxis Framework and Donnie MacNicol, Director, Team Animation

People are different – the way we make decisions, communicate, involve others and the materials we produce. Surprisingly these differences are not taken into account in how we describe what project management is and how it should be practiced. That is about to change through ground-breaking work by the speakers on how personal differences should be taken into account to improve individual, team and organisational performance. The presentation will:

1.         Introduce the free on-line resources, Praxis Framework and iMA Diagnostic

2.         Present a unique set of insights to improve individual and team project performance

3.         Show you how to improve the design, adoption and use of PM frameworks and processes.

How to cut cost management of capital programmes by 10%

Graham Walker, BT Lancashire Services Project Director

Lancashire Co Council struggled with control of their project portfolio. They wanted better budget efficiencies. They needed to reduce manual handoffs. Information was spread over 100+ systems and hundreds of spreadsheets. In order to improve visibility and control of their projects, BT and Cora Systems implemented a software solution and change transformation programme that has brought greater flexibility and enhanced reporting for their users, and, crucially, reduced cost management of their capital programmes.

This presentation will provide some fascinating insights on how their objectives were achieved.

The Nature of change is changing. What does it mean for us? 

Michelle Brailsford, Co-Lead, Change Management Institute SW (UK)

When faced with complex change, many leaders are still trying to lead change using management tools that are no longer fit for purpose. How can we, as change coaches and project leaders, help our Leaders when there are no ‘right answers’? When the future isn’t predictable? When it’s impossible to produce controllable results?

Leaders need to develop new habits. The role of Change Manager needs to shift to Change Coach. And together, we need to build change platforms, not change programmes.

During this session, Michelle will share some thoughts about Management 2.0 and Change 2.0 with the audience. Be prepared to walk away with more questions, than answers!


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