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Visit this Zone to hear about real world examples of project implementation and insights from leading project management experts.

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In a period of significant change, leaders are becoming under increased pressure to ensure that their organization is operating in an agile and reactive state which will keep them nimble and adaptive towards change. Right now, a new era of productivity is required to achieve company strategic objectives.

In this session you will understand the importance of Objectives & Key Results and how organizations can effectively set themselves up for success by focusing on building a transparent, companywide joined up approach that teaches individuals to stretch themselves towards achieving strategic success.

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John McGrath is a trusted project management advisor to some of the largest organisations in the world.  His track record over the last 20 years includes over 250 global companies, government agencies, state enterprises, the United Nations, the London and Rio Paralympics and the World Bank. John is the Course Director for the MSc in Project Management at TU Dublin. His research is focused on assessing project maturity and complexity and how this can lead to more successful project outcomes. Previously John lectured in Project Management at NUIM, TCD, UCD, Smurfit Business School and Brunel University.  He has published papers in academic and industry journals and has presented at over 100 international project management conferences.

Both public and private sector organisations are struggling to achieve better results from project investments. Building the new products and services is risky and requires at least new skills, processes, tools, thinking and culture.

Veijo will bring you ideas and examples how organisations in the Nordic countries such as City of Helsinki, State of Finland, Finnish NHS, Kone Elevators, Danfoss, and UPM are improving their project innovation capabilities. There is always a balance between existing and new business. Projects are the lifeline in both worlds.

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The pandemic created unprecedented demand for Microsoft Teams as hybrid working becomes the norm for many. With MS Teams comes an ecosystem of tools enabling you to manage, improve and reimagine your workplace. Verto 365 is a new breed of supporting app which fully surfaces within MS Teams to support everything from simple day to day tasks through to major projects.

Understanding why ecosystems are so important, and how managing your programmes using tools like Verto 365, will help ensure that your PPM succeeds. Richard Godfrey, Managing Director of Syncity, a successful digital strategy consultancy, and author of Be the Five, will be discussing how PPM systems have adapted to the variations in working styles and the benefits realised as a result.

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Richard has over ten years of experience in Digital, Efficiency and Change. In his time in local government Richard wrote one of the first Cloud Technology Strategies, was named as one of the first Digital Leaders 100 club members and named as one of Computer Weekly’s rising stars (2015). Richard also featured in Forbes magazine for his work on Digital City Peterborough, bringing together infrastructure, cloud technology, the public sector and the private sector to grow Peterborough’s Digital and Technology sectors.

Richard has just published his second book – “Be The Five – Digital confidence: a simple process for digital success” available now on Amazon.

Implementing a project portfolio management solution into a public sector organisation comes with many challenges  which are unique to those organisations.

During this session Michael will explain how he has implemented Cora into both the NHS and Local Authority organisations. He will outline what challenges they faced and what lessons have been learned.  Michael will also explain how Cora has helped to meet those challenges and the benefits that have been delivered while using the system.

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Michael has over 17 years’ experience of working in both NHS and Local Authority sectors, working predominantly in change management and transformation including Project and Programme Management at organisational, multi organisational and system levels.

Project and Programme Management offices are a vital part of a delivery focused organisation but what is the key to successful project delivery?

Over time, key pieces of the process that are vital to the smooth running of your Project Management may often get left behind, forgotten or worse, they become the opposite of what was intended.  This can lead to your processes hampering, rather than assisting, the smooth running of the delivery engine.

Join Derek Strachan, Director of Business Consulting at CPS as he explains the key challenges your project delivery will encounter, and how to implement your vision and get it right.

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A key requirement for successful change management is a deep understanding of how change will affect the end users. Reverse mentoring can help leaders navigate the impact of change on frontline staff, better inform their decision making and help them adapt their strategy in the light of invaluable insights about organisational impact garnered from staff.

Ali Raza and Tim Schmeising-Barnes are experienced mentors who understand the role of coaching and mentoring in delivering organisational change. They will share some positive experiences of reverse mentoring from an equality and diversity context and discuss it’s use in a change management context.

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