Come and take the Readiness Challenge!

Is your business ready to make changes, or are you suffering change overload ?

Bestoutcome, the change management software specialist, will be running a Readiness Challenge at this year’s Project Challenge show, to find out just how ready you are to take on more change.

Along with its partner Complexus, Bestoutcome has designed two iPad and iPhone applications to assess organisations’ readiness for change and their risk of not being successful.

Available on iTunes™ and with over 7,000 downloads to date, the Change Readiness Assessor and Project Risk Gauge  are available for both mobile and iPad use whilst newly-developed Sharepoint™ versions ReadinessPoint and RiskPoint offer enterprise-wise options.

Now available on the Sharepoint™ App store, these new apps caused quite a stir when they were previewed at the SharePoint show in South Africa last year.

“Bestoutcome is pioneering how large companies can use a mix of best practice, tools and services to achieve successful program and project outcomes.  This collaboration project has the power to transform the way the Enterprise can obtain a greater ROI from SharePoint and decrease the risk on major change programs.” – Nick Bradshaw, CEO, Complexus Pty Ltd.

Come and take the Readiness Challenge on Stand 40.

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