It’s All Change at Project Challenge

Project Challenge hits Birmingham next month, a change from our usual location of London. That’s not the only change too. At this year’s show we have lots of great – and free – presentations from experts working in the field of change management.

Kicking off the Masterclass and Learning Zone on Wednesday morning we have Agile Programme Management from Chris Ferguson at Novare Consulting:

Chris will bring together the principles of Agile, MSP and Change Management and explore the culture needed to bring about effective change programmes.

The theme continues with Change Overload and How to Avoid It from Bestoutcome:

These days it feels like everything we get asked to do is top-priority. But how do you prioritise when everything is top-priority, and what happens when the list of top-priority changes just keeps growing? This is the modern equivalent of the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, and we’re seeing more and more clients becoming overloaded with change.

Then we tackle culture and change with Cath Convery from Explosive Learning talking:

Organisations which are going through change processes, whether brought about because of downsizing or because of a lean initiative, will often concentrate on their internal processes and forget one of the biggest challenges to a change initiative – culture.

On the second day we see Melanie Franklin talking about Great Project Managers are Brilliant Change Managers Too!:

Managing change is increasingly recognised as an important skill set within project and programme management. How can we realise the benefits from our projects if we don’t understand the psychology of change, and how to lead people from resistance to adoption?

CITI also feature with Change Management Communities of Practice. Their presentation covers:

  • Why CMCoPs are critical to organisational change & innovation
  • Why they are effective in improving behaviours (mechanisms, beliefs, community support)
  • How you might measure where your organisation is today (your current maturity’ as a CMCoP)
  • How to grow your CMCoP’s knowledge sharing, peer learning and support – some practical first steps

As a project practitioner your day-to-day work is full of change, so why not drop by Project Challenge to make sure you’re picking up all the latest insights and thoughts from the world of change management? Register is free and the show takes place 25-26th March at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.