Latest Project Management Salaries and Rates

Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists, will be at Project Challenge this Spring and their latest Project Management Benchmark Report will be available for practitioners from their stand at the show.

The report, now in its 11th year, is the project management industry’s most reliable benchmarking report in the UK for salaries and rate figures of project management professionals.

The report also covers aspects of a project practitioner’s career and this year’s report shares these highlights:

  • Employee remuneration did not show any significant inflation busting rises in 2015, with 29% seeing no increase and 38% seeing 2% or less. The only practitioners who saw significant increases were those who moved jobs, in this group 45% achieved increase >2% and 26% achieved >8% to get ahead in the pay rise stakes.
  • Demographics of the profession continue to see a worrying trend as the practitioner group continues to age. The numbers of practitioners under 34 years of age has consistently fallen since the 2008 recession. At the same time “age discrimination” is still seen as an issue for older practitioners looking for a new role.
  • Organisations looking to hire are seeing more “availability” issues as they seek to fill open positions. It is difficult to say if this is a ‘skills shortage’ as practitioner churn remains low as they still lack confidence in the UK economy moving into 2016.
  • Contractors see Government legislation as biggest threat in to their livelihood as they move into 2016. Contractors see the ongoing attacks as negative, with some looking to remove themselves from the flexible workforce. Others suggest that their day rates will have to rise further to compensate for the changes in order to maintain their standards of living

Arras People Project Management Benchmark ReportThe report is now available for download on-line, with hard copies available at Project Challenge in March.

Arras People will also be leading a session at the show called, “Getting Ahead in Project Management 2016”

An opportunity to find out more about the current project management marketplace for jobs and careers in the UK. This market has seen many changes over the last few years. It has become increasingly competitive, with many project professionals experiencing frustration in finding the right opportunity and successfully interviewing for roles.

Lindsay Scott shares her experiences and insights into how project managers can differentiate themselves and standout in a crowded marketplace. Lindsay will provide practical guidance on how to find the right career opportunity; how to present yourself (against what organisations are looking for); the project management CV and interviews.