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MM_0013Delivered by leading trainers, coaches and professional development specialists this Zone will focus on the various opportunities and training initiatives available to PM professionals to enable them to advance their careers.

All attendees are eligible to attend these FREE presentation sessions which will be delivered from open zones within the exhibition hall.


Whether you are new to PRINCE2, or are looking at renewing your Practitioner certificate, this presentation takes you through a full PRINCE2 Overview in 40 minutes.

In addition, we will be referencing how the project management layer interfaces with both programme management and agile product delivery.

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Paul is Managing Director of SPOCE – the World’s first PRINCE2 accredited training organisation.  Paul has been a PRINCE2 approved trainer for over 18 years, and has worked with hundreds of organisations in developing and implementing best practice project and programme management.

Paul is also the Chairman and co-founder of ASPECT, which is the association for promoting excellence in consultancy and training.  Over 30 accredited training organisations commit to a charter to provide the very best standards in the delivery of their services.  Full details of this are available on www.accredited.org.uk.  Initiatives such as this are really only achievable by Paul’s reputation and relationships with clients, partners and competitors alike.

You usually don’t see other departments, such as Legal or Finance, having to justify their existence, however this is a well-known scenario for PMOs, which still face a high-mortality rate. A question thus should be asked: how to make PMOs indispensable to business? Are there successful examples out there to guide PMO leaders?

Look no further. Based on her experience as a PMO advisor, co-author of the only PMO course accredited by the chartered body for the project profession, and Judge of the PMO Global Awards, the international competition aimed at the most outstanding PMOs in the world, Marisa Silva, The Lucky PM, will share what you can learn from, arguably, the most successful PMOs in business. With a thought-provoking and pragmatic approach, Marisa will present you with practical hints and tips on how to configure your PMO for success and how you too can find your place amongst the best.

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Marisa is a PPM specialist with extensive experience in industry with a particular focus on collaboration, PMO conception & strategy, method and capability development. Marisa also retains depth expertise in Microsoft Project Online having lead a large number of client deployments.  She is co-author of the APM Accredited Wellingtone PMO Practitioner course, Wellingtone PMO Maturity Assessment toolkit and Wellingtone PMO Competence Framework. Marisa is also author of the APM Accredited Wellingtone Project Assurance Practitioner course, a ground breaking course developed in conjunction with experts from industry. Marisa is a regular speaker at industry events including APM, PMI, APM SIG as well as PPM & PMO conferences internationally including Malmo, Oslo, Zurich, Riga & Berlin. She is a published author and in 2017 completed her Masters at UCL in the Strategic Management of Projects and is one of the youngest ever Fellows of the APM.

The Association for Project Management – the chartered body for the project profession has launched a new thought-leadership campaign: ‘Projecting the Future’    Projecting the Future is a ‘big conversation’ with members and stakeholders about the future of the project profession. Having achieved Chartered status, what’s next?    How does the profession thrive in a world being changed by factors like robotics and AI, changing work pattern, climate change, and the 100-year human life?

The initiative is intended to promote a debate on the role of the project profession to ensure its future by exploring six major challenges that are reshaping the business environment and society and the future role of the project profession in delivering value to organisations. These ‘challenges’ will help focus the profession as to how it can help improve and deliver our future.


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David is Head of External Affairs for the Association for Project Management (APM) and is responsible for external engagement, research, thought leadership and policy. He takes an active role in promoting the chartered project profession following APM’s transition to a chartered body and the launch of the chartered register in 2018. The APM thought leadership programme includes the new APM Research Fund, research summary series as well as policy reports and other major research activity, including the new campaign about the future of the project profession – called ‘Projecting the future’.

This presentation will focus on how you can utilise mind mapping technology and techniques. Liam will discuss the benefits of Mind Map theory and why it is useful in communication and planning.

Mind mapping is an effective method to use in requirements gathering sessions and the construction of the WBS (work breakdown structure). When mind mapping is coupled with technology it simplifies the process and enhances communication.

Mind mapping has traditionally been presented as a tool for planning and organisation, an effective way to develop, organise, and present multiple facets of the project plan. Primarily used for the construction of the WBS, advanced uses of this technique also simplify the complex process of communicating the project plan.

Liam will explain the mind mapping theory and how that theory can be applied to business analysts and project managers. He will also demonstrate best practice techniques in mind mapping and how it relates to technology.

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Focused primarily in the IT software delivery space, Scrum is the basis of most Agile product delivery in the world today.  Its elegant simplicity, founded in the wisdom of empirical process control, has proven effectiveness and efficiency here, but most larger organisations find that they need more.

Andrew Craddock’s presentation describes how the world’s longest established Agile Project-focussed approach, AgilePM, can be combined with the longest established Product Development approach, Scrum, to provide a robust framework for IT enabled business change particularly aimed at organisations for whom governance and a demonstration of control over such endeavours is essential.

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In this session, we take a look at the ten different things you could be doing in your PMO career to get ahead. We take a whistle-stop tour through jobs, CVs, PMO skills and capabilities, behaviours, habits and navigating through the many twists and turns that working in PMO can bring.

Working in PMO today gives the opportunity to work in many different types with different business aims – it opens the doors to different types of roles, with different skills and responsibility levels. This session is aimed at any PMO practitioner, at any level in any type of PMO because getting ahead in your PMO career can mean excelling at where you are now – or getting ready to move onwards and upwards.

Join us for a session packed with insights, tips and inspiration.

Speaker Bio

Lindsay is co-founder of PMO Learning, the training organisation 100% focused on learning and development for PMO practitioners. She’s also responsible for getting PMO Flashmobbers together on a regular basis for informal networking and learning through PMO Flashmob. Lindsay also created the PMO Conference, now in its fifth year – a day of thought leadership on the PMO profession. When she’s not doing stuff with PMO, she likes drinking gin and catching up on Walking Dead.

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