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MM_0120Operational excellence and best practice in project management are essential in driving organisations forward. This zone looks at the key drivers and best strategies for success.

All attendees are eligible to attend these FREE presentation sessions which will be delivered from open zones within the exhibition hall.


The volume of change keeps increasing, so the challenge is how to successfully implement multiple changes whilst still maintaining business as usual? One of the biggest talking points in change management is ensuring a sensible balance at a time when organisations have far more ideas for change than they have resources to implement them.

In this presentation, Melanie will share ideas for defining the questions to ask to discover all of the initiatives likely to impact an area of the business. She will identify the key questions to ask to assess the impact on current business operations and the level of risk to maintaining services to existing customers and set out ideas for how to tackle change overload including what actions to take and who to involve.


Speaker Bio

Melanie Franklin has been responsible for the successful delivery of effective change and for creating environments that support transformational change for over twenty years. She has an impressive pedigree formed through academic research and practical consulting and is acknowledged as a thought leader in Change Management.

She is the Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK and is a respected author of text books and articles on change, project and programme management. She is currently overseeing two major transformations, one impacting 34.000 staff and another that has impacted 5,000 staff across 29 countries.

Melanie is a talented communicator and has a reputation for delivering complex information with humour and passion. She draws on her wealth of practical experience to illustrate concepts and to engage her audience in lively debates on advantages and disadvantages of each approach that she outlines.

Is your organisation filled with great people? Does your organisation still struggle to evolve? This challenge impacts all of our project and portfolio improvement activities.  Is that challenge hard to solve because of the organisation, basic human behaviour, or the technology?

Stephen Brown will discuss the relationship between human change behaviour and deploying an automated digital project approach; how to leverage information psychology and human behaviour to make an easy and effective transition to a fully automated digital project environment, no matter the size or complexity of your organisation.

Speaker Bio

Stephen Brown is co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Polarisoft. For the last 20 years, he has been addressing the needs of businesses to consume and manage ever increasing volumes of data and information.  Advising some of the world’s largest companies on IT Strategy, Stephen has shown how to create a significant return on investment on limited budget by implementing technology in very specific ways. His passion for technology and simplicity has helped Polarisoft build solutions that not only deliver, but are intuitive and simple to use.

Following the decision to establish a Programme Management Office in an organisation there are five phases that need to be gone through to establish, position and resource the PMO so that the PMO adds real value to the Organisation.

This presentation will look at how you first choose the operating model that you want, and then how you might position the PMO in your governance structure. A real life example is then given on how a PMO can support the governance structure of an organisation implementing a large transformational programme. Following this, the presentation will discuss resourcing the PMO and bringing in the correct IT solution for the PMO.

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PMO’s and project tools can simplify ways of working, support governance, provide insights and facilitate reporting across your portfolio. To obtain funding you’ll need to build a solid business case.

CPS has years of experience helping customers justify the reasons and costs, on an outcomes basis. In this session CPS’ Consultants will outline the why and highlight the areas to concentrate on to obtain that all important board sign-off.

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With more than 18 years’ experience in designing, deploying and managing successful PPM solutions Duncan brings a level of expertise that few in the industry can match.

Most organisations simply don’t have enough skilled people to accomplish all the work they want to do in the time in which they wish to accomplish it. This is true in every area of business, but it’s particularly true when it comes to balancing the competing priorities of running the business and transforming the business.

Historically, this has been treated by most organisations as nothing more than a persistent annoying problem that they have always managed to live with, but digital business is changing the operating tolerances allowed to any successful business. We will be showing you how to accomplish this goal in 3 Steps.

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Greg Bailey was the Founder and Former CEO of Microsoft’s 2012 Worldwide Project and Portfolio Management Partner of the Year until selling the company in January of 2013. He also ran the resource Planning Division at eLabor until the product Enterprise Project was sold to Microsoft and became Microsoft Project Server 2002. His energy, experience, passion and vision, has made Greg a frequent guest speaker at hundreds of project management events.

Over the last few years, the basic organising concept for work—the project—has changed significantly. Once a well-defined set of tasks, people, and milestones, today’s projects take on many shapes and sizes.

Microsoft will discuss the new features of Project Online including Home and Roadmap and how the tool is evolving to meet the evolving demands of a PMO.


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