1. The Guild of Project Controls a pan-industry global standard based on candidate competency

    The Guild is delighted to announce that this presentation will be given by Chris Carson – a world thought leader in Project Controls. Chris will explain why he is involved and has contributed to its written Standards and method of testing – competency based. The Guild has written Standards for all grades covering three areas […]

  2. Better Planning Makes Better Projects

    The APM has recently issued its first definitive guide to planning and project controls; it is a practical guide aimed at project staff at all levels of experience. It was authored, peer reviewed by a wide range of cross industry organisations, and thus, it is hoped carries great weight. Paul and Simon will discuss their […]

  3. Food for thought – a BIM chef masterclass

    Franco Pittoni will draw upon his 42 years’ experience of successfully delivering planning and project controls solutions to address BIM with a light touch by making an analogy with the preparation of an award winning dish. He will reveal his tried and tested recipe, starting with essential ingredients… 200g of desire and capability to listen […]

  4. The keys to supplier relationship management

    In a business environment where virtually every project, service and product relies on chains of suppliers working together, it’s scary just how many organisations pay too little attention to dedicated supplier management functions. Scarier still is how many try to manage suppliers with people who haven’t been given adequate or specific skills. This session will […]

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