1. Facilitation – why bring in a professional facilitator when on a project or working with groups of people

    The term facilitation is not commonly used within UK and even within the APMG stable of courses we describe it as a specialist qualification. However the skill is key to parts of the work of a project manager and is used extensively when working on stakeholder management. This session introduces the Iceberg Process that is […]

  2. PRINCE2 agile – there’s a new kid on the block!

    AXELOS are developing a PRINCE2 agile manual and qualification, the primary purpose is to provide additional information for those using PRINCE2 and who wish to develop their knowledge of how to incorporate agile approaches and techniques within their existing environments. The presentation may surprise as there is often a perception that PRINCE2 and agile are […]

  3. I’ve always been Agile. I just never knew it! A real experience from the 1990s

    I remember, as one of the directors of a small software house, proposing that something, claimed to be impossible by many technical experts, should be attempted on behalf of one of our clients. I believed in my team and I believed in my understanding of the technology. I knew that our client was committed but […]

  4. Project & Programme Management certifications made easy – Grow your Business, Reduce your Costs, Simplify your Operation with innovative exam delivery solutions

    Exam delivery has changed over the past year and is now more quality & innovation driven. To differentiate your organisation and grow your business you now need to offer added value services to the candidate. How can I increase my market-share? What can I offer to professionals to enhance their skills given today’s competitive market? What […]

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