1. Modern Project – what’s new in Project in 2019?

    Since Inspire in July 2019 there’s been some big changes with Project – find out all about the changes we can share with you.

  2. Planning Matters

    Good planning sets apart great projects.  Purposeful planning is what ensures that management actions taken by project managers connect the task undertaken to the stakeholders’ goals. There is no single correct approach to planning a project, but neither is it a free-for-all.  This session shows how end-date schedule planning differs from budget-constrained planning, what is […]

  3. Better together: Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is the single hub for team work and with Project Online, becomes the central hub for your project organisation. Microsoft will demonstrate the ultimate collaboration functionality with Microsoft Teams and Project and provide top tips for achieving great Project team work and organisation.

  4. Modern task and work management with Office 365

    Project management has never just been about scheduling, costs and risks. It’s about working in a collaborative way to achieve a successful outcome. CPS will discuss and demonstrate the various capabilities available to organisations via Microsoft Office 365 – Planner, Teams, Project, Azure Boards & Power BI – to enable teams to be informed and […]

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