1. Getting Ahead in Your PMO Career

    In this session, we take a look at the ten different things you could be doing in your PMO career to get ahead. We take a whistle-stop tour through jobs, CVs, PMO skills and capabilities, behaviours, habits and navigating through the many twists and turns that working in PMO can bring. Working in PMO today […]

  2. Agile Project Management and Scrum

    Focused primarily in the IT software delivery space, Scrum is the basis of most Agile product delivery in the world today.  Its elegant simplicity, founded in the wisdom of empirical process control, has proven effectiveness and efficiency here, but most larger organisations find that they need more. Andrew Craddock’s presentation describes how the world’s longest […]

  3. Mind Map Your WBS to Project Success

    This presentation will focus on how you can utilise mind mapping technology and techniques. Liam will discuss the benefits of Mind Map theory and why it is useful in communication and planning. Mind mapping is an effective method to use in requirements gathering sessions and the construction of the WBS (work breakdown structure). When mind […]

  4. Projecting the Future

    The Association for Project Management – the chartered body for the project profession has launched a new thought-leadership campaign: ‘Projecting the Future’    Projecting the Future is a ‘big conversation’ with members and stakeholders about the future of the project profession. Having achieved Chartered status, what’s next?    How does the profession thrive in a world being […]

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