1. Learning Lessons from projects: Pitfalls and Pointers

    Most project management approaches incorporate a ‘lessons learned’ activity. But many organisations do little more than document experience and file it on a shelf, which is less like lessons learned and more like lessons identified, or even worse, lessons ignored. Some people in the PM community think lessons learned is so broken it’s not worth […]

  2. The evolution of the prehistoric sticky notes

    Are you having problems creating and optimising the work breakdown structure? Are you constantly re-creating data throughout the life cycle of the project for presentations or reporting purposes?  These issues can be easily solved by applying mind mapping technology to the project life cycle. Mind mapping has traditionally been presented as a tool for planning […]

  3. Yes, you can deliver faster by combining Agile and Waterfall !

    Join Sciforma for this presentation. You will learn how to manage “two seperate but coherent styles of work, one focused on predictability and the other on exploration” as defined by Gartner as the “bimodal approach”. Discover how Sciforma is marrying Agile and Waterfall/CCPM approaches in one single PPM tool. Discover how you can implement a […]

  4. Change Management – the key ideas

    This presentation is an attempt to unpack and humanise the body of knowledge that sits at the root of change management. Working on the assumption that the difference between an empty buzzword and a revolutionary idea is the depth of understanding behind it, Louis will share some his knowledge (and ignorance) about key thinkers and […]

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