1. Learning from the best PMOs in the world

    You usually don’t see other departments, such as Legal or Finance, having to justify their existence, however this is a well-known scenario for PMOs, which still face a high-mortality rate. A question thus should be asked: how to make PMOs indispensable to business? Are there successful examples out there to guide PMO leaders? Look no […]

  2. Project Processes with PRINCE2

    Whether you are new to PRINCE2, or are looking at renewing your Practitioner certificate, this presentation takes you through a full PRINCE2 Overview in 40 minutes. In addition, we will be referencing how the project management layer interfaces with both programme management and agile product delivery.

  3. Resistance is good; it’s the core of the change leader’s job

    Project Methodologies do not get changes delivered, people do.  Change leaders don’t achieve it with change models and in cascade briefings, they do it on the ground, in real conversations with their stakeholders.   Those stakeholders who will ultimately deliver the change, and those all important benefits. At this session, we won’t just talk about change, […]

  4. The 5 Steps to More Profitable Projects

    Staying profitable is a challenge for even the most experienced project managers. However, there is a formula for greater, more predictable profit margins with each project. This presentation will detail the five steps needed to increase profitability, including: Increasing Estimate Accuracy Matching Skills and Tasks Creating Tension Between Resource and Project Managers Measuring Profit and […]

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