1. Who Needs A Plan Anyway – 10 Benefit Busters

    Based on first-hand experiences of a career spanning 20-years in a variety of sectors, this is a story of dealing with change and transformation via structured and creative planning processes.  Full of humour and practical advice, Sunchana is exploring the benefits of employing good project planners and the exciting possibilities of discovery as to why […]

  2. Good Project Planners Are Like Gold Dust

    Full of humour, honest advice and empathy, Sunchana describes her own journey from an unhappy employee to a successful freelance planning consultant.  Based on first-hand experiences post voluntary redundancy and a log term aspiration to become gold dust in project management terms, this is a story of transformation and discovery of what skills are important, […]

  3. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) – it’s not just ‘big’ project management

    Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is now nearly twenty years old and is a well-established part of the PPM portfolio of best practice. Yet our research indicates that MSP, and indeed programme management, it is still not understood by many, and is often considered to be little more than the co-ordination of a number of projects. […]

  4. Optimizing project selection is one of the top critical success factors for PMOs and project management professionals

    You can execute and deliver on your projects flawlessly, but if you’re working on the wrong projects, none of that matters. Business alignment is the most important criteria for project selection. According to the most recent PMI survey, respondents believe that over 60% of their projects are not aligned with the business. If 60% of […]

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