1. Chartered Project Professional – a game changer for you and the profession

    Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) is a professional standard that the Association for Project Management (APM) launched in May 2018. Find out about the development of the chartered standard, the benefits for the profession, employers and you as an individual. Interested in applying to become a Chartered Project Professional? This session will also give you an […]

  2. What am I worth in the current PM market?

    In this session, John will explore the current market conditions in the UK for project management practitioners for both job seekers and those looking to hire. Some observers continue to say we are in a “Candidates Market” but does the data support that view? More importantly how is this impacting practitioner remuneration after many years of […]

  3. Skills for Working Life in the Third Millennium

    What are the essential working life skills that are required to succeed, both today and in the future? Veijo Hytti, CEO of Keto Software, will present his view on how working life will change and what that means for each of us. Beyond the buzzwords and trendy methodology terms, you will discover the real skills […]

  4. PMO KPIs, Metrics and Measures

    How do PMOs measure how useful they are to the business – the value they bring, the benefits they deliver? Why should the PMO even measure in the first place – who are we measuring for, who actually cares and ultimately how do you know if your PMO is successful? In this session from PMO […]

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