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  2. Implementing decision quality for project success

    Ultimately, a company’s value is no more (and no less) than the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. Its assets, capabilities, and structure are useless unless executives and managers throughout the organisation make the essential decisions and get those decisions right more often than not – i.e. “decision quality”. Business managers typically require […]

  3. The Case for Benefits Management TM

    Change is justified by the benefits we expect. However … Projects commonly fail to deliver the benefits that were used to justify them! The reasons broadly fall into 4 main categories: Strategic misrepresentation (deliberate fabrication of a business case) Cognitive biases (affecting our ability to be realistic) Failure to make the business changes on which […]

  4. A Solution Framework for Improving Project Cycle Time with Better Resource Management

    Statistics show that over 70% of projects fail to meet schedules.  The consequence of this is “delayed time to market which results directly in losses in revenue, savings, customer satisfaction, and market share.” A root cause of schedule failures is not having the right resources available at the right time. In this presentation, we will […]

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