1. Hybrid Working

    The pandemic created unprecedented demand for Microsoft Teams as hybrid working becomes the norm for many. With MS Teams comes an ecosystem of tools enabling you to manage, improve and reimagine your workplace. Verto 365 is a new breed of supporting app which fully surfaces within MS Teams to support everything from simple day to […]

  2. Pushing Resource Management Up the Slope of Enlightenment: A Change Centered Approach

    Gartner’s Strategic Portfolio management 2021 hype cycle put resource management just at the cusp of entering the Slope of Enlightenment. Given that organizations have been actively doing resource management for decades, we have to ask what will it take to finally move up the curve? This presentation will explore how a new, more people-oriented resource […]

  3. Project and Programme Management: Understanding the challenges, delivering your vision and getting it right

    Project and Programme Management offices are a vital part of a delivery focused organisation but what is the key to successful project delivery? Over time, key pieces of the process that are vital to the smooth running of your Project Management may often get left behind, forgotten or worse, they become the opposite of what […]

  4. Implementing a Portfolio Management Solution in Public Services

    Implementing a project portfolio management solution into a public sector organisation comes with many challenges  which are unique to those organisations. During this session Michael will explain how he has implemented Cora into both the NHS and Local Authority organisations. He will outline what challenges they faced and what lessons have been learned.  Michael will […]

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