3 ways to lead real transformational change with Workfront

Rapid changes in both technology and business mean that the PMO is constantly barraged with new projects–whether it’s delivering the systems that keep the business running or implementing new infrastructure for enterprise applications. It’s a challenge to keep up, let alone take the time to demonstrate that your department is capable of more than simply providing support.

To best demonstrate and lead transformational change, your team needs proven processes, and new ways of working that deliver successful outcomes. In this presentation, you’ll see three ways Workfront customers have successfully modernised the way they manage work to be more productive, collaborative, and transformative, while better demonstrating their value as an organisation.

Join Robert Lawrence, Senior Consultant EMEA at Workfront, and Prasoon Ranjan, VP of Customer Success at WNDYR, where they’ll share the importance and real life examples of:

  • Connecting global teams
  • Tracking and prioritising work requests
  • Quantifying and measuring real business outcomes
  • Effectively allocating resources