Agile Project Management: why has it become so popular and how can you get the most from it!

In recent years Agile Project Management has become an important part of many organisation’s Agile toolbox. The AgilePM qualification has become the benchmark against which ‘project style’ Agile is measured and is APMG’s fastest growing product.

This presentation will create a clear understanding of how Agile Project Management operates and how it relates to the other well-known frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban.

It will explain when to use it and when NOT to use it. It will look at the key areas you need to get right in order to maximise its potential and it will also identify the main risk areas that can make your life very difficult if you ignore them.

Above all, this presentation will look to explode the many myths surrounding the use of Agile in a project context and you may be very surprised by some of the things you will hear.

In today’s world you MUST know how to run projects that come in ‘on time’ without compromising the quality of what you are delivering.

Why not come along and find out more…?