Automating Governance using PPM systems

Is it really possible to automate Governance when implementing a PPM system?

One of the most important functions of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is that it gives better control of projects—and more warning when a project starts to go awry. So should this very important function be automated? It’s an interesting question and one to which tool vendors would no doubt say “Yes, use workflow”. Automation would imply the decision is either 100% predictable based on business rules or requires individual sign off. Automation is ideal to get the expense claim or leave request approved, but can it be used for more complex decisions like project stage gates or key project document approvals? Governance is very much about the “should we” decisions, these are not simple decisions, and they involve people, strategy and numerous intangibles.

Guy Jelley will discuss whether it’s really possible to do this and provide some insights on how this can be achieved successfully and what practices have been positive for organisations who have automated project governance.