Combining PPM with SPM for end-to-end visibility

With the triple threat of supply chain disruption, global inflation and political instability, it’s more important than ever for enterprise organizations to know exactly where they are. When your supply chain is disrupted, and unfortunately, it’s ‘when’ rather than ‘if’, and parts or materials end up being delayed, all sorts of knock-on effects can mount and multiply.

Your costs go up, the project is delayed, and you get paid late. So, your working capital is depleted, and the figures you can use for forecasting and planning go down. So, your accounts suffer, because revenue recognition is deferred, and your ability to compete and plan for new business is hampered.

So more and more, businesses are relying on sophisticated software to centralize all their data and integrate the different processes they use. But it’s not enough to focus exclusively on the granular visibility you have to have into each individual project. You also need that 30,000-foot, bird’s-eye view into your portfolio. And to have the ability to experiment with scenario modelling, to better understand how best to deploy your resources and manage your capacity.

Chris Henson and Tom Davies, from Cora Systems, will explain the importance of being able to view your business through both a PPM and a SPM lens. So that whatever happens across your supply chain, you’ll be able to react promptly, and will already have prepared for it.