Deploying Resource Portfolio Management to Drive Value Flow

The biggest challenge in delivering portfolios is managing the resource pipeline, so that value flow is optimised, and the enterprise is equipped to adapt to new challenges and opportunities at speed.

We may think Agile has cracked this particular nut but, in fact, 56 percent of projects fail to deliver the original goals and business intent fully – even in the Agile landscape (IPMA, 2020). Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) offers an intelligent approach to future-proofing the portfolio, by moving beyond individual team sprints, through release trains, and into the business of bringing “work to people” and “people to work”.

Mix in Adaptive Resource Planning, and you’ll start to change the game. In this session, Lloyd will demonstrate how the right approach to resource planning brings instant, enterprise-wide visibility across all resource interdependencies.

Join Lloyd to explore how a powerful mix of “what-if” scenario modelling capabilities can equip project managers, portfolio managers and PMOs to anticipate any resourcing scenario and make crucial commitments to sponsors with confidence. Lloyd will walk you through the techniques you need to get there – and demonstrate the value of Enterprise Resource Planning to the business, its people, and its customers.

This lively session will be delivered by Project Challenge Expo 2022’s Platinum Sponsor, Prosymmetry, a Gartner Cool Vendor and industry leader in resource management for hundreds of companies including multiple Fortune 5oo companies worldwide. ProSymmetry is the company behind Tempus Resource, the purpose-built Enterprise Resource Management solution offering unmatched resource planning value, powered by decades of industry experience, and constantly evolving to meet tomorrow’s resource planning challenges today.