Dynamic PPM – managing a change portfolio when your BAU is changing rapidly too

Projects are all about change, that’s a key differentiator from ongoing operations. Projects carry uncertainty and risk and demand a management method to guide them through a controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities to achieve the desired results. Good principles include:

1. Choosing and delivering projects that are aligned with strategy and objectives
2. Making best use of available resources by applying them to the highest priority projects
3. Assessing how projects contribute to business value
4. Taking management action to keep the portfolio aligned with business objectives

Challenging enough for any PMO, but what if your ongoing operation, your BAU, is
changing so fast it looks different every time you see it? Phil will describe the challenges faced when resourcing the company’s project portfolio and evaluating what-if scenarios, as well as explaining how the pragmatic
deployment of a dynamic PPM tool transformed the PMO’s ability to do just that. first:utility is growing – fast.