Food for thought – a BIM chef masterclass

Franco Pittoni will draw upon his 42 years’ experience of successfully delivering planning and project controls solutions to address BIM with a light touch by making an analogy with the preparation of an award winning dish.

He will reveal his tried and tested recipe, starting with essential ingredients…

  • 200g of desire and capability to listen
  • 180g of expert knowledge in one or more specific field
  • 250g of integration
  • 220g of collaboration and generosity
  • 300g of wisdom
  • 250g of fantasy
  • A pinch of salt

Franco will start by describing what to prepare, how ingredients should be mixed and in what sequence and finish by serving up a mouth-watering feast. On a more serious note, during the presentation, references will be made to existing standards, codes of practice and concepts that are the basis of a sound BIM solution.