How do I apply agile to my project/change initiative?

An agile approach offers a common sense, straightforward and intuitive way to scope, plan, resource and deliver organisational change. With the pace of change refusing to slow in most areas – and accelerated in many areas thanks to the challenges brought on by the pandemic – we need to continually develop “hacks” to successfully implement our projects, in a competing world of too many initiatives and not enough time to do them all.

In this session, presenter Melanie Franklin will address frequently asked questions, providing you with easy-to-understand explanations and techniques to ensure you are clear in your own mind the extent of what you are trying to achieve, and be able to communicate this persuasively to all those you need to take with you on the journey.

She will specifically address:

  • Explain the Agile concepts and how they create your Agile approach
  • Aligning waterfall/traditional and agile approaches
  • Convince your stakeholders that delivering an evolving solution early is better than waiting for a complete solution later!

After her presentation, Melanie will be offering a project/change management surgery, where you can book up to 20 minutes to describe your challenge and work with Melanie to find answers that enable you to progress on your Agile journey.