Intelligent Governance : smart Gateways and sharp Communications

The need for programme governance has never been greater, yet it is so often seen as unnecessary red tape: Programme Managers just want to get on delivering stuff, they don’t want to get bogged down in administration. Yet every programme has a number of key decision points, where the continued viability of the programme needs to be confirmed by the Sponsor and key stakeholders. These “Gateways” need to be effective, smart, and must have teeth : “do not pass this Gateway” must be a permissible outcome. Something which is simple to say, but not necessarily simple to achieve.

In this talk Mike Pryor, Principal Consultant at Bestoutcome, will give real-life examples of clients who have established smart, light-touch Gateways to support the delivery and governance of their change programmes. He will explain how this has given Executives and Governing Bodies increased assurance across the entire portfolio of work and has significantly improved communications with stakeholders. He will even describe how a “stop this programme” decision was taken and was seen as an extremely positive outcome.