Learning from the best PMOs in the world

You usually don’t see other departments, such as Legal or Finance, having to justify their existence, however this is a well-known scenario for PMOs, which still face a high-mortality rate. A question thus should be asked: how to make PMOs indispensable to business? Are there successful examples out there to guide PMO leaders?

Look no further. Based on her experience as a PMO advisor, co-author of the only PMO course accredited by the chartered body for the project profession, and Judge of the PMO Global Awards, the international competition aimed at the most outstanding PMOs in the world, Marisa Silva, The Lucky PM, will share what you can learn from, arguably, the most successful PMOs in business. With a thought-provoking and pragmatic approach, Marisa will present you with practical hints and tips on how to configure your PMO for success and how you too can find your place amongst the best.