Making the PMO the beating heart of the NHS change agenda

The NHS is being asked to change, dramatically, the way it manages the delivery of its services, while at the same time needing to continue providing the existing services to an ever-more demanding set of patients and governing bodies. This means being accountable, visibly, to the stakeholder communities by demonstrating the progress that is being made towards achieving the desired change outcomes. Which in turn means ensuring that good quality, accurate, consistent and up-to-date information is available at all times. Something which is simple to say, but not necessarily simple to achieve.

In this talk Mike Pryor, Principal Consultant at Bestoutcome, will describe a number of NHS clients who have established PMOs to support the delivery of their change programmes, and will explain how this has given them visibility across the entire portfolio of work allowing them to focus on providing top-quality information and services to their Executives and Governing bodies as they strive to achieve the required performance targets, savings and desired outcomes.