Neither shaken, nor stirred – ‘The perfect cocktail for project professionals’

MoP, MSP, PRINCE2, PMP, PMQ, P3O, MoV, M_o_R, ACP, AgilePM. What do these mean?
I understand PRINCE2 is a project management framework, MoP stands for Management of Portfolios, and MSP is Managing Successful Programmes, or MS Project, or even Movie Star Planet (according to my daughter’s IPad). If I want to develop as a project manager, should I look at MSP or MoP, or look to another body such as APM or PMI? I’m now starting to feel shaken and stirred!
With a plethora of project management certifications available, this presentation aims to explain some of these approaches, and how they interface with each other.

It’s hotting up on the project front…somebody get me some ice!