How to Increase Project Success with 50 Universal Golden Rules

Why another book about Project Management? Indeed, with already 1000′s of books and certifications on the subject, why bother?
Well, projects still go out of control, don’t they? Many organizations still fail to appoint professional projects managers to run complex endeavours, setting instead many managers for failure. As for the Project Manager’s role, well, here again, we are still back to pre-historic times: some compare PM to bull dogs, or see them as personal assistants.

Hence, in order to reach a common understanding, Vladimir spent 4 years summarizing what he has learnt over a 15′s years successful career, spanning across a wide range of industries and international projects.

These universal golden rules of project management all fit into a 72 pages book. Whether you are an experienced project manager or working with them, come and check for yourself whether they work for you too.