Resource Management Simulation and “What If” Analysis with Tempus Resource

Many users need to model different scenarios such as:

1. When can my projects start based on our resource needs and availability?
2. How can we rapidly identify resource bottlenecks and identify opportunities to re-allocate resources more effectively
3. How can we quickly “lock in” end dates of high priority projects and see the impact on the overall portfolio, “over and under allocations”?
4. How can I know ahead of time the “likelihood” we will meet the scenarios we have decided on?
5. Are there suggestions on how to better optimize my portfolio?
6. How can we simulate “crashing” our schedule

Tempus Decisionware ™ the leading Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) tool can model your resources quickly and interactively. What took hours or days and can now be accomplished in minutes for more
effective Resource Portfolio Management within your organization. Available as a standalone system or integrated with your existing PPM or internal systems.