Saying what needs to be said – The conversations that get your project delivered

Project methodologies do not get projects delivered, people do.  In fact, we would go further; it is the quality of relationships with stakeholders and within teams that makes the real difference.  High performing relationships – the ones that lead to results – are always formed in conversations; conversations which go beyond the familiarity of tasks and the milestones – To where? At this session, we won’t just talk about conversations, you will watch them happen, in a scenario played out by professional actors, with audience interaction from where you sit.  There will be debate, laughter, and serious learning.  No one will be bored, we promise.

We will debate HOW stakeholder conversations can forge more powerful relationships.  And we will blow myths on team performance, making a case for building mutual commitment, accountability and trust at the heart of your project culture.

People Deliver Projects are exhibiting on Stand 28 – There will be handouts, free coaching and experiential activities on the stand.