Simplify the WBS Process with Mind Mapping

Do you visualise  the Work Breakdown Structure? Are you constantly re-creating data throughout the life cycle of the project for presentations or reporting?  These issues can be easily solved with the application mind mapping technology.

Mind Mapping has been widely used for the past 40 years in all aspects of business and education. Traditionally used as a brainstorming tool, but more recently it’s been optimised for the project manager. Mind Mapping is an increasingly popular topic in project management because when paired with technology it will increase productivity by 25%.  Specifically, it helps the Project Manager in the WBS process and converting the WBS into the Gantt.  Mind Mapping technology has further benefits because of the strong integration with MS Office and other PM tools.

This session is relevant if you need to optimise your WBS and are looking for ways to visualise the project plan more successfully.