Strategy is a Commodity; Execution is an Art – the Importance of Competency

Successful delivery is made up not just by “what we do” but also “how we do it”. Having the skills, experience and behaviours (competence) to function as a portfolio, programme or project manager is every bit as important as what we deliver. We will delve into the skills and abilities people need to ensure what we are delivering is what our customers expect and require. We will discuss how to do that, and how we might go about finding out at a more granular level what peoples’ skills actually are so that we can be more efficient and cost effective with our training budgets. Specifically we will look at such things as:

•         The whole concept of a core competency framework

•         The available standards and the differences between them

•         The benefits of adopting a competency framework

•         How can we identify a baseline and assess against that?

•         How can we use that assessment to improve the efficiency of our training?

•         How can we continually improve our staff?

A core competency framework will enable you to identify the skills and behaviours you need to do your job to the highest standard and, if you are a manager, how you can support people in your teams to do this. Indeed, as an integral part of a performance management system a well-defined and executed framework should accelerate career development and improve the quality of delivery.