Agile Project Management – scale up your agile initiatives

You understand the benefits of working in an agile way because SCRUM is now common working practice for your product development, but it’s time for your agile initiatives to scale up to the next level, achieve the recognition they deserve and gain credibility at the most senior levels in the business.  In short you need to scale your familiar agile ways of working, to become a comprehensive agile project management approach.

Agile PM, based on the proven DSDM method, takes agile product development approaches such as SCRUM and builds on them to create a really practical agile method for running complete projects.  Agile PM merges the best aspects of SCRUM with the governance and control expected by senior management.  The combination provides a powerful, credible and adaptable method that has been proven over many years and many thousands of projects.   The Agile PM qualification is a way to demonstrate your understanding of the method and seeks to become the de-facto qualification for agile project managers.

Come along to find out about the Agile PM qualification to see how it can add value to individuals and organisations wanting to get more out of agile.