The Guild of Project Controls a Centre of Excellence

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for developing the skills, expertise and capability of professionals in the field of Project Controls including Planning and other functions associated with Project Delivery. The Centre of Excellence is called ‘The Guild of Project Controls’

Project Controls cannot be easily learned especially as many organizations have no recognised career path to work from. With the Guild we have created a global career path and standards in Project Controls to enable one and all to practice project controls under our guidance. The Guild brings together two communities.

1)    The largest community of individual Project Control practitioners worldwide, who are committed through their own exchange of knowledge, to create a set of standards for individuals involved in Planning & Scheduling, Cost Management, Forensic Analysis and Project Delivery which enables individuals to follow a recognised career path and be rewarded for differing levels of Excellence.

2)    For employers, globally, to also contribute towards the stated standards of excellence recognising that they in turn benefit, not only in quality of project delivery, but also in recognising those employees who not only measure themselves against others, but also strive to improve at their job function.