Using PPM tools to answer Business Requirements whilst improving delivery and forecasting

Have you wondered how you can improve efficiency in project delivery whilst also providing accurate business data to meet corporate requirements in as efficient manner as possible?

Do you suffer project deviation in terms of time, cost, scope without visibility of the root causes?

Do you run your projects with MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint

Hear how Honeywell Building Solutions (HBS) has deployed a portfolio management solution to provide better control, insight and governance and it is now incorporating business requirements into the standard “running a project” methodology to provide reduced data entry, allowing data to be entered once for use by many and building a platform for all aspects of project control. Listen to the overview of how HBS has built on its successful global deployment of a standard PPM application with project forecasting modules that provides three outputs:

  1. Project cost profiling
  2. Bottom-up project EAC calculation
  3. Business revenue forecasting

And provides the basis for further developments such as cash flow modelling and labour planning.