Using Serious Games & Play to Improve Change Portfolio, Programme and Project Capability

In a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and increasingly complex world, how can you even begin to understand what needs changing in an organisation, how one might go about accomplishing it and improve capability? This calls for a complete new way of thinking and working for the change initiatives to be successful. An alternative approach is to use Serious Games and Play techniques.

But seriously …. are these not only meant for children’s fun and enjoyment?

Serious Games and Play techniques combine visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic styles; systems; design thinking, psychology and neuroscience which have proven to deliver results.  In this session, Richard and Parag will share client case studies on some of their applications and how they have enabled organisations to deliver better outcomes and benefits on change portfolio, programme and projects. Participants will also be able to book taster games and play session for their organisation and teams at the Ambition Group’s stand.