Workfront: Hollywood-Style Working

Quiet on the set. Lights, Camera, Action!” The script is done, the scene is set, now you just need the perfect cast and crew. The future of work isn’t going to be a monolithic slog, but rather a Hollywood-style where knowledge workers (actors) come together and perform their part and then move on to do the next film. Why? Recent research shows that in the next few years, the millennial generation of rising stars will be the majority of the workforce requiring a different style of working, one that’s flexible and rewarding. They want to be stars!

This new way of working not only requires a different approach, it requires that each individual be a personal innovator – a Star. This session will provide first-hand examples from Cisco, Jet Blue and Workfront, plus tips and tricks on how you can be a star on your next project and take your walk down the red carpet. “That’s a wrap!”