Project Management Seminars at Project Challenge October 2017

Project Challenge is back at Olympia, London on Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th October 2017. The autumn show is the leading project management expo in the UK and features over 40 seminar sessions alongside the project management exhibition.

The two day event is free to attend, just register today

Take a look at some of the recently announced sessions:

Count Your Blessings for Effective Project Sponsorship

Dr Ian Clarkson, Head of Organisational Consultancy, QA

QAIt was just before Christmas one year and someone asked what a Project Manager’s festive song would be. I said “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby, as it reminded me about Project Sponsorship. As the lyrics go: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know”, and I thought this rings true for Sponsors – “I’m dreaming of Project Sponsors, just like the ones I used to know”. And, just like a white Christmas, I hadn’t seen one in a while!

This session looks at the importance of the role of the Project Sponsor on success. The first person to spot the additional Bing Crosby reference in the session will win a prize!

Using Serious Games & Play to Improve Change Portfolio, Programme and Project Capability

Richard Moret, CEO, Ambition Group and Parag Gogate, Managing Director, Ambition Group

Ambition GroupIn a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and increasingly complex world, how can you even begin to understand what needs changing in an organisation, how one might go about accomplishing it and improve capability? This calls for a complete new way of thinking and working for the change initiatives to be successful. An alternative approach is to use Serious Games and Play techniques.

But seriously …. are these not only meant for children’s fun and enjoyment?

Serious Games and Play techniques combine visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic styles; systems; design thinking, psychology and neuroscience which have proven to deliver results. In this session, Richard and Parag will share client case studies on some of their applications and how they have enabled organisations to deliver better outcomes and benefits on change portfolio, programme and projects. Participants will also be able to book taster games and play session for their organisation and teams at the Ambition Group’s stand.

Recognising the Faces of Resistance to Change

Ranjit Sidhu, Managing Director, ChangeQuest Ltd

ChangeQuestIn this entertaining session, Ranjit shows us the different faces of resistance to change and asks ‘Can you recognise resistance when you see it?’.

Certain behaviours are clear indicators of resistance to change, but can be difficult to identify. We know that people don’t always say what they are thinking, and people who are agents of change rely on being able to interpret the clues as to what stakeholders are really feeling.

Emotional undercurrents turn into actions. Actions that may obstruct, divert or even sabotage planned changes if they remain unchecked. Join Ranjit and get behind the scenes of resistance to change.

Mission Control – Improving performance and enhancing confidence of complex programme delivery in data rich organisations

Mike Potter, PwC Managment Consulting & Ben Wittingham, PwC Technology Consulting

PWCOrganisations are finding a number of similar traits in their programmes;

  • They experience schedule delay and cost challenges
  • Complexity is increasing along with the amount of available data
  • Stakeholder tolerance is reducing with stronger incentives or stringent penalties
  • Technology is underutilised by leaders to understand their programmes

We’ve worked with a number of organisations to deliver better insights, greater control and optimised performance in their programmes by addressing the building blocks of a high performing team and integrating performance management across the programme lifecycle.

Combining these elements leads to better delivery performance and increased stakeholder confidence.

APM’s role as the Chartered body for Project Profession in shaping its future

John McGlynn, Chairman, Association for Project Management

APMAPM has had a busy 12 months with the award of its Royal Charter, managing the consultation to set the chartered standard and publishing a revised strategy and mission. In addition, developments within the profession continue a pace with the emergence of key control functional roles and the increasing adoption of Agile as a method for project delivery.

What is the role of APM in this dynamic and exciting time for the profession?

John will aim to provide an update on APM’s programme of work and some insight into its role going forward.

Delivering Digital Transformation Projects: “The Why is Easy, the How is Challenging”

John McGrath, Project Management Professor, DIT Ireland & PMO Consultant

DITIn this session John will examine four key areas for consideration when embarking on a digital transformation project:


  • What are the biggest myths about digital transformation programmes?
  • How a project management approach is essential for delivering measurable benefits when managing a digital transformation programme.
  • The need for organisational agility.
  • Lessons learned from past projects.