The Visiting PMO Plan for the Day

Project Challenge is not just about projects. It’s about programmes, portfolios, training, software, business analysis, recruitment and of course PMOs!

With two days of Project Challenge coming up this Autumn, I’ve put together a pre-selected list of what a PMO professional can do across both days – a guide to getting the most of the Show. Here’s Day One.

Day One

Doors open at 9.30am and I’m going to get there on time because I know first thing in the opening morning the exhibitors are keen for people to drop by and speak to them.

9.30am – Visit the Axelos stand and have a chat about the latest changes to the P3O guidance (Portfolios, Programmes and Project Offices). I’ll also have a look at some of their newer qualifications too.

Richard_Butterfield10.15am – Just enough time to grab a coffee before listening to Richard Butterfield at Amey talking about programmes – it’s in the Case Studies zone and he’s going to be talking about:

Organising project plans on this basis allows Primavera P6 dashboard reporting, incorporating bespoke KPIs, which enables executive level focus on critical milestones across the entire portfolio and permits critical specialist resources to be balanced effectively.

This is right up my PMO street!

11.00am – I’m going to go and visit Planning Planet. A large proportion of the PMO job focuses on planning standards and I’m intrigued with the self-assessment that’s available and the International Trade Guild of our Community that they’re announcing at the show.

11.15am – Heading over to the Masterclass zone to hear from Steve Beaumont from PLANVIEW. He’s sharing some of the latest research into resource management – another hotspot for PMOs.

2014 Global Resource Management & Capacity Planning Benchmark Survey. The results of this study of 480 leaders from around the globe, responsible for project-based resources, illuminates the clear benefits of improving the maturity of their capacity planning and resource management efforts around people, processes and tools.

12 noon – time to grab a sandwich and meet up with someone I’ve been connected to on Linkedin for a while.

12.30pm – I’m going to listen to Philip Diab, former Chair of the PMI Global Board of Directors talking about Global Trends in Project Management over in the Learning Zone, it’s good to know what’s happening outside my little bubble.

APMG_international1.15pm – I’m interested in the impact of Agile in our organisations so I’ll head over to Radtac, an exhibitor and chat about my concerns after lunch. I should have time to talk to APMG about the Agile Project Management training course too. There should be enough time to have a look at the PM Today stand too and pick up the latest copy of the magazine.

2.15pm – Time for another sit down and this time I’m going to listen to Ray Mead from p3m global talking about competency frameworks in the Masterclass Zone – I’m interested in my own development as well as development in our organisation. It’ll be good to learn some of the background to competency models.

3.15pm – I’m really looking forward to hearing the Building a Clients Project Control Function presentation in the Case Study zone by Simon Springate

CH2MHILL is renowned for supporting some of the UKs most iconic projects such as the Olympics 2012, CrossRail, HS2 and Thames Tideway plus many more globally. When the starting gun fires how do you set up project control that is fit for purpose and its deliverables both understood and welcomed by the client.

With examples from current CH2MHILL projects the speakers will a guide you through dealing with people, tools and process showing how to bring them together in a harmonious and productive manner.

CPS_New4.00pm – there’s still lots of exhibitors I want to talk to and it feels like the day is running out! There is still tomorrow, but I’m going to concentrate on PMO tools for a bit so I head to Reportive, a new name to me as well as CPS who focus on MS Project server. I’m also intrigued by Matchware too – they have a mind mapping tool that looks worth a visit.

5.00pm – the show is coming to an end, I have time to grab a copy of Project magazine from APM and a copy of PM Network from PMI. These are great for the journey home!

So that’s my Day One plan as a PMO practitioner visiting the show. I’ll be back with my Day Two plan next week, in the meantime, why not register today to attend Project Challenge?